The Downtown Dreamer: Treat Yo' Self

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Treat Yo' Self

(1)Jeweled-Cluster Sweater (2)Mint Frosting Necklace (3)Kate Spade Heels (4)Sassy Umbrella
(5)The Great Gatsby (6)Ann Taylor Tinsley Suede Pumps (7)Mini-bows Sweatshirt (8)Tory Burch Wallet

Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful.
I'm definitely not one of those people that plans ahead and starts shopping in November, or early December. Those are smart, savvy shoppers. I always wait until the last minute, have a mini-freak out and frantically start making up my Christmas list. I guess I work best under pressure.

Last Thursday, I ventured out to the mall and with eight gifts on my list, I was determined to start and finish all of my shopping in one day. Ambitious, right? It was a grueling 9 hour day of going from store to store, but I got it done. Next year, I'll be one of those early shoppers (who am I kidding?)

Although, I'm not quite ready to enter another mall just yet (I think I'm off malls for a while), I am ready to treat

Take a minute to treat yo' self too!

Till Next Time,

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