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Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY Christmas Ornaments

My favourite part of the Holidays is putting up the Christmas tree. I have an old school tree that requires a million pieces to assemble and lights that need to be manually strung up. As much as I love it, there are moments of frustration…those damn lights are never evenly spaced out and the ornaments seem to multiply on their own. Every year, I tell myself that I need an upgrade, but this ancient tree holds so many wonderful memories for me and my family (this was our first tree when we moved to Canada). So needless to say, once the tree is all setup, that's my favourite part.

Even though my ornament collection seems to grow every year, I've always wanted to create personalized family ornaments. I've seen so many lovely ones over the years, but I never figured out how I wanted to design mine. However after a recent trip to "Michael's", inspiration struck and I ended up leaving with plastic ornament balls, foam letters and gold spray paint.

I often veer towards the side of classic and simple, so that's the direction I took with these ornaments. They're a simple shade of gold with 3D lettering. Initially, I was going to remove the lettering (which is why I bought super cheap multi-coloured foam letters), but I liked how they turned out, so I just left them.

What you'll need:
- Plastic Ornament Balls (these were on sale for $1.75)
- Foam Sticker Lettering
- Spray Paint

What to do:
Step 1: Arrange your letters.
Step 2: Place letters on ornaments.
Step 3: Spray paint the hell out of them and let dry (not shown).
Step 4: Hang them on the tree*
Step 5: Bam, you're done!

*Note: The letters I used were VERY cheap, so they started to come off after they were spray painted. I simply super glued them on. If you want to peel off the letters, I'd suggest buying stronger self-adhesive letters.

Hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season!

Till Next Time,

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