The Downtown Dreamer: {Bloggers Do It Better} Winter Coat Edition

Friday, November 1, 2013

{Bloggers Do It Better} Winter Coat Edition

I'm a little late in the game for the "Bloggers Do It Better" challenge hosted by Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly, but here's my take on winter coats.

Outfit Details - Jacket: Winners, Pants: Dynamite, Sweater & Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Payless, Watch: Aldo Accessories

I have to admit my winter coat is pretty boring. I upgraded my coat a few years ago from boring black to slightly less boring grey and black. I wish I could wear a beautiful statement coat, like the pretty powdery pink ones that I've been seeing all over the fashion world. Or even, a leopard print coat. Maybe next year!

Since my coat is on the tame side, I decided to wear bright and edgy items underneath. I paired my incredibly comfortable knit sweater with a bright pink collared shirt. Even though it's Fall, I'm not ready to say good-bye to these bright pops of colour just yet.

One trend that I'm loving this season is leather! I've been on the hunt for a solid pair of leather leggings for 2 years now. I bought a pair last year that had a slick wet look to them, but they just didn't feel right. These paneled leather leggings are soft and ridiculously comfortable. I never thought leather could be so easy to wear. I think it's safe to say that these are the only type of leggings that I'll wear as pants (I might regret saying that).

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